Fabian Monge

Costa Rica, b.

Lives and works in San José

Fabian Monge is a contemporary painter, drawer and 3D artist who explores visions, shapes, and forms to investigate and interpret human experiences. His artistic philosophy is deeply rooted in the investigation of the subconscious, both individual and collective.

Seen as exploratory, his work often engaging with societal issues and the human imagination. He is particularly interested in the similarities and differences between concepts and perceptions of definition and vision, as well as the study of optical illusions and human homogeneity. By questioning what makes us different from one another, Monge positions himself as an explorer, always seeking to understand and communicate the diverse ways in which humans experience the world.

Furthermore, Monge’s work delves into the spirituality of human reality, drawing significant inspiration from scientific illustrations. He strives to explore the fantastical and subconscious aspects of human existence, creating a dialogue between the rational and the imaginative. This blend of scientific curiosity and artistic exploration makes his work unique and thought-provoking, inviting viewers to engage with their own subconscious and the broader human experience.

Often following a series-based approach, his work explores different themes. One notable series is called “Meaningless Data”, which features paintings of abstract shapes, forms and colours that distort our points of view, and offer us different perceptions. Monge approaches colour in this series as waves and vibrations on the canvas. Another series is “Big Bang Continues”, which questions human vision and instincts, asking what we see without understanding and the ways childlike wonder changes observation. This series encourages openness to new experiences and challenges preconceived notions with playfulness and curiosity.

Portrait of the artist Fabian Monge, in his studio.

Fabian Monge in his studio, 2024 (Photography by Julio Sequeira)