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Allegra Pacheco

Alonso Durán

Ana Elena Fernández

Carolina Guillermet in her studio.

Carolina Guillermet

Katrin Aason Bucher Más Allá Del Índigo - image of the artist in her studio to promote her latest exhibition in San José.

Katrin Aason

Sofía Ruiz

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On at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design. Orange and black geometric work produced with woven ribbon, by Katrin Aason.


Jazz Cubist composition by Milo Gonzalez. A great part of a home art collection.


Impressionist painting of a traffic light, with pigeons sitting on top, set against a blue and white sky. By Osvaldo Sequeira.


Close-up photograph of a fern leaf by Leonardo Ureña.


Hyperrealist painting of a cactus, in a pot, overlooking the ocean. By Eliecer Rodriguez.


Surrealist image of an eye in the sky. It's unsettling and uncanny. By Sylvia Laks.


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