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The gift card is the perfect gift for art enthusiasts and collectors. MÍRAME Fine Art offers gift cards that allow people to explore and select artwork from our collection.

Why choose a MÍRAME Fine Art Gift Card?

– There is a large and diverse range of artwork from which your gift card recipient can explore various styles, genres, and mediums to find their perfect piece.
– A MÍRAME Fine Art gift card supports local Costa Rican artists and contributes to the growth of the country’s art community.
– Our gift cards have no expiry date, allowing your recipients freedom to choose artwork at their own pace.
– Artwork is a cherished and memorable gift. By giving a gift card, you are giving somebody the chance to choose something personal for their home.

Whether it’s a special occasion or simply a gesture of appreciation, a MÍRAME Fine Art gift card is a unique and thoughtful way to share and support Costa Rican art with your friends and family.

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