Ana Elena Fernández

Costa Rica, b.1961

Lives and works in Cartago, Costa Rica

Ana Elena Fernández, a member of the Costa Rican Association of Watercolor Artists, continues a long tradition of Costa Rican watercolour painting. Her watercolours possess a distinctive charm, capturing the tranquil, and often over-looked, details within the Costa Rican landscape.

Fernández immerses herself in her subjects, taking time to explore them from various angles, a process she feels unlocks a world of artistic possibilities. She chooses subjects that are deeply personal, capturing moments with her daughters, cherished places, and things that evoke genuine emotions, like fragile bird nests or driftwood on a beach. Fernandez’s work is a sentimental reflection of her life.

The significance of light is also evident, as Fernández remarks, “The light is an all-present element in my work, and the Costa Rican light is different; it sometimes looks green in the humidity.” In addition, she draws inspiration from the significant number of rivers and to the oceans in her homeland.

Fernández has enjoyed a multitude of exhibitions, both domestically at the Museum of Costa Rican Art and the National Gallery, as well as internationally in countries like Mexico, Colombia, Italy, and Japan. Notably, in 2012 she was declared one of the winners of the Watercolor International Biennial, sponsored by the Alfredo Guati Rojo International Watercolor Museum in Coyoacan, Mexico.

Ana Elena Fernández in her studio, 2023 (Photography by Julio Sequeira)

"Water, pigment, paper; a wonderful ‘all or nothing!’" Fernández, 2023