Juan Tribaldos

Costa Rica, b.1992

Lives and works in San José

Emerging photographer Juan Tribaldos explores the human experience through images inspired by literature, music, travel, and cinematography. His lens captures Costa Rican landscapes, transforming ordinary scenes into abstraction to encourage viewers to consider new perspectives. Tribaldos also engages in street photography, using his camera as a tool for social awareness and change. Influenced by Wolfgang Tillmans and Olafur Eliasson, his work is a dynamic blend of diverse influences.

Tribaldos uses wide-angle lenses to reveal the interplay of light and composition, transitioning between color and black-and-white to achieve authenticity. He connects personally with his subjects, infusing each frame with genuine emotion. Amidst the plethora of contemporary images, he manages to impart a unique emotional resonance, reflecting his own sentiments behind the lens.

Collaborations with artists and galleries are central to Tribaldos’ work, and his portfolio includes commissioned projects for interior designers and architects. As the co-founder and Art Director of the Festival de Lumínica in San José, he significantly contributes to Costa Rica’s photography scene. His journey aims to present fresh and enlightening perspectives on the world.

Tribaldos’ new series, “Liminal,” features abstract representations of the Costa Rican landscape. The term “liminal” refers to the threshold between two states, and these photographs capture the transitional, often overlooked spaces within the natural world.

Portrait of Costa Rican photographer, Juan Tribaldos.

Juan Tribaldos in his studio, 2024.

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