Pablo Mejias art exhibition. Pablo in his studio.
June 23, 2024 0 Artist Spotlight Belinda
San José's AG Gallery is poised to open its latest Pablo Mejias art exhibition on 26 June 2024.

Titled 3, the show features work by the rebellious artist Pablo Mejias, alongside fellow Costa Rican artists Philipp Anaskin and Enrique Kayejero.

The aim of this blog is to introduce the exhibition, while focusing particularly on Pablo Mejias by providing an overview of his artistic journey, themes, methods, and influences.

3 | AG Gallery, Escazú, San José

Pablo Mejias, Philipp Anaskin, Enrique Kayejero

Opening reception: 26 June 2024, 7pm

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Pablo Mejias: A Journey Through Darkness and Light

His Artistic Journey

A figurative artist known for his dark, gothic, and grotesque imagery, Mejias' work delves deep into the human psyche, portraying torment and inner turmoil through surreal and unsettling scenes.

His painting is deeply personal and introspective. Reflecting on his process, Mejias explains, “My artistic process is very passionate; art saved my life and is the most important means of communication I have."

This profound connection to his craft reveals a raw and honest portrayal of his inner world. His artworks, stemming from the profound impact of his brother's early passing, delve into the intricate layers of the human psyche, vividly portraying the turmoil of the soul.

Naturally, his work frequently depicts children or fragmented figures caught between realms, often set in water or within intricate mythical landscapes.

These dark themes will be evident in the Pablo Mejias art exhibition at the AG Gallery.

Pablo Mejias art exhibition. Surreal landscape featuring a head submerged in water, with another devil face appearing under the water. It's uncanny and unsettling.

Pablo Mejias, Floración, Oil on canvas

Themes: Death, Eroticism, and Metaphysics

At the core of Mejias' work are recurring themes of death, eroticism, and metaphysics. "The centre of my work is the human being,” Mejias explains.

His canvases are a reflection of the human condition, exploring the complexities of existence through vivid and often unsettling imagery. Mejias' paintings resonate with dark and unsettling themes, where the grotesque and the fantastic intertwine. His compositions often feature figures immersed in water, symbolising both drowning and emergence.

Additionally, Mejias incorporates birds and fish into his works, with the deceased birds suspended or transforming into half-human, half-bird entities with broad feathered wings that evoke angelic undertones.

The fish, whether cradled delicately in hands or arranged in a market-like display, exude a visceral sense of decay and deterioration.

Pablo Mejias art exhibition. niña perdida painting by Pablo Mejias, featuring a small child dissolving from view in an interior setting while a dead bird hangs by its foot against the wall next to her.

Pablo Mejias Ninã Perdida, Oil on canvas

Art as a Mirror and Confessional

"My art represents everything I am; it is a mirror of my psychic characteristics, art is my confessional,” says Mejias. For him, art is more than just a form of expression; it is a mirror reflecting his psyche and a confessional where he lays bare his soul.

This deep personal connection infuses his work with an authenticity and vulnerability that resonates with viewers.

These hellscapes mirror the complexities of human existence, tapping into the recesses of human desire and our deepest fears, leaving viewers suspended in a realm where narratives fuse and distort. The Pablo Mejias art exhibition at AG Gallery will explore how Mejias uses art as a mirror to his own personal torment.

Influences and Techniques

Mejias draws inspiration from a diverse array of artists, including Bacon, Goya, Luis Caballero, Rubens, and Munch. His techniques are rooted in traditional methods, beginning with the grisaille technique and progressing through the use of chiaroscuro and the constant use of candles.

This meticulous approach allows him to create depth and contrast in his compositions, enhancing their emotional impact. "My methods start from grisaille and progress based on light and dark and the constant use of candles," Mejias explains.

This technique helps to create imaginative worlds, often on a grand scale, and crafted compositions that teem with enigmatic characters within otherworldly landscapes.

Animalica painting by Pablo Mejias, featuring a chaotic, hellish landscape of half-man, half-animal forms.

Pablo Mejias, Animalica, Oil on canvas

Rebellion Against Tradition

Living and working in Costa Rica, Mejias’ work stands out as pushing the boundaries in a country known for its traditional values. “My paintings are rebellious and without limits,” he notes.

Predominantly working with oil paint, Mejias also uses ink or pencil on paper. Over time, Mejias' work has evolved, growing stronger and more diverse.

"Over time I have matured the technique and the themes, my work has become stronger and more diverse," he notes. This evolution reflects his ongoing exploration of new ideas and methods, pushing the boundaries of his artistic practice.

His willingness to challenge conventions and explore taboo subjects sets him apart in the contemporary art scene.

Conclusion: Pablo Mejias Art Exhibition

As the AG Gallery exhibition approaches, visitors are invited to explore the enigmatic and compelling world of Pablo Mejias.

His paintings, a testament to his personal trauma and introspective journey, offer a unique window into the human soul.

With themes of death, eroticism, and metaphysics, and techniques rooted in traditional methods yet pushing modern boundaries, Mejias' work is a powerful reflection of the complexities of existence.

Don't miss the chance to experience this Pablo Mejias art exhibition and his evocative, and thought-provoking art firsthand.

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