Katrin Aason

Canada, b.1983

Lives and works in Escazú, Costa Rica

Katrin Aason's oeuvre combines textiles and geometric abstraction, marrying tradition with innovation. Notably recognised for her series "A-Simetría Concreta," which received acclaim at the National Gallery in San José, Aason draws inspiration from immersive residencies in the Sacred Valley, Peru, and Puebla, Mexico. During these travels in 2019, she explored the history and cultural significance of ancient civilisations, particularly the importance of textiles in the everyday and their ability to create optical illusions and depth through colour.

Employing traditional weaving techniques associated with women’s labour, Aason merges form and textiles with metallic hues, juxtaposing feminine and masculine elements to evoke a connection with the past while challenging conventional gender norms.

In the “A-Simetría Concreta” series, none of the artworks have titles; rather, each has been assigned a code. Aason explains, “I don’t want to influence people into seeing just one thing… everytime something new can be discovered.”

This thematic exploration extends into her series “Angeles & Demonios,” where Aason delves deeper into the human psyche, exploring the eternal struggle between good and evil. Fragile yet resilient, her fine black threads form ethereal portraits against recycled aluminium sheets, methodically sanded circularly to enhance symmetry and light reflection, inviting contemplation of the delicate balance of existence.

As a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Costa Rican Association of Visual Artists, Aason has exhibited her work extensively worldwide. Her art, characterised by an intricate interplay of form, texture, and symbolism, unveils layers of history and emotion, promoting viewers to challenge norms and engage in cultural reflection.

Katrin Aason in her studio, 2024 (Photography by Julio Sequeira)

“Each piece is different to the eye simply by how you look at it. Each strip becomes a fragment, a pixel, an experience, a scar.” Aason, 2023

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