Oubaïda Azzouz

Belgium, b.1984

Lives and works in San Isidro (Uvita) Costa Rica

Oubaïda Azzouz, raised in Brussels by Moroccan parents, draws from a multicultural background that underpins his approach to painting. His heart has always oscillated between art and sport; during his studies at the Saint Marie Institute in Brussels, Azzouz was also following his other passion of break dancing. Not only did he teach break dancing, but he also formed a championship-winning group that represented Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg at the world championships, clinching the Benelux title twice.

Inspired by his move to Costa Rica, Azzouz shifted his focus to capturing the intricate details of the country’s wildlife, particularly birds like parrots and hummingbirds. Through large-scale reproductions, he zooms into the canvases, unveiling nuances and intricacies that are often challenging to observe in the animals’ natural habitat. Inspired by professional photographers and the expansive beauty of Costa Rica, Azzouz starts with a photograph—either of the entire animal or a specific part. As he paints, he meticulously enhances details, shadows, and colours, prioritizing an authentic representation. Azzouz’s work has evolved over time to focus on precision and detail in pursuit of authenticity.

Azzouz bridges the worlds of culture, athleticism, and nature, all while preserving the beauty of Costa Rica’s wildlife.

Oubaïda Azzouz in his studio, 2024 (Photography by Michala Rusaňuková)

“I want to bring hidden beauty to the forefront, playing with colours and shades but staying close to reality and truth.” Azzouz 2023