Costa Rican art. Plague and circus painting by Sylvia Laks. Two discarded masks appear anguished and suffering, evoking feelings of isolation and suffering.
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Art has always been a cornerstone in the edifice of national culture. It serves as a mirror reflecting the historical, social, and political currents of a society, while also providing a canvas for expressing its unique identity and values.

From ancient cave paintings to contemporary installations, art transcends time, offering insights into the human condition and developing a sense of shared heritage.

Art is not merely decorative; it is a powerful conduit for cultural dialogue. It can challenge prevailing norms, inspire change, and promote unity by bridging divides.

Through various forms—whether visual, musical, or performative—art captures the essence of a nation's spirit and preserves it for future generations.

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The Hidden Gem of Costa Rican Art

Costa Rica, known for its stunning biodiversity and commitment to environmental sustainability, also boasts a rich cultural heritage that includes an exciting, albeit under-appreciated, art scene.

Despite the talent of its artists, the Costa Rican art scene often remains in the shadows, both domestically and on the global stage.

Several factors contribute to this lack of visibility. Limited media coverage, insufficient infrastructure for art promotion, and a lack of investment in cultural sectors hinder the growth and recognition of Costa Rican art.

Consequently, many talented artists struggle to find platforms to showcase their work, and the broader world remains largely unaware of the creative treasures the country holds.

Mysterious elf woman in the forest, with evocative blue, pink and black colours. Costa Rican art by Emilia Cantor.

Emilia Cantor, A Blue Song For The Void, Oil on canvas

MÍRAME Fine Art: Shining a Light on Costa Rican Art

Amidst this landscape, MÍRAME Fine Art emerges as a force of hope and transformation.

Dedicated to amplifying the voices of Costa Rican artists, MÍRAME Fine Art is on a mission to bring the country’s art scene into the spotlight it deserves.

Co-founded by Belinda Seppings and Jonathan Baldock, MÍRAME Fine Art brings together a wealth of expertise and innovative vision to celebrate Costa Rica’s undervalued art scene.

Belinda Seppings, with nearly six years of experience at London’s renowned White Cube art gallery in London spearheads the venture with her understanding of the art world and a passion for championing emerging talents.

Jonathan Baldock, leveraging a decade of experience from LinkedIn and a background in information technology recruitment, adds a layer of technological sophistication to the platform, enhancing its reach and impact.

Red, orange and yellow abstract Costa Rica Sunset painting, vertical blocks of colour, Costa Rican Art by Alonso Durán.

Alonso Durán, Serie Guanacaste: Sunset II, Acrylic on canvas

Elevating Local Artists

MÍRAME Fine Art works tirelessly to provide local artists with the exposure and opportunities they need to thrive, and ensuring that Costa Rican art reaches a wider audience. These efforts help artists gain recognition and foster a greater appreciation for the country’s cultural contributions.

Key Features of MÍRAME Fine Art:

  • Carefully Curated Selection: Spanning various styles and mediums, our collection showcases the diverse talent of the Costa Rican art scene.
  • Innovative Technology: Utilising cutting-edge technology, such as augmented reality, we enhance the online art-buying experience, allowing collectors to engage with artworks in a whole new way.
  • Personalised Support: We provide personalised support for both artists and collectors, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.
  • Global Reach: Our platform serves as a bridge between local artists and a global audience, providing exposure and opportunities for recognition on an international scale.

Charcoal drawing from Roberto Murillo's figurative Couplings series la contradiccion, featuring a nude couple in a sexually suggestive position. Called "Contradiction charcoal drawing"

Roberto Murillo, La Contradiccion, Charcoal on paper

San José: An Artistic Destination

Costa Rica has many talented artists creating remarkable work throughout the country. The capital city, San José, is especially deserving of recognition as a cultural hub. Often seen merely as a stopover en route to the beaches, San José is home to a thriving art scene that warrants exploration in its own right.

The city is rich with galleries, museums, and art spaces that celebrate Costa Rica's artistic heritage. Notable institutions include the National Museum of Costa Rica, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, and the Jade Museum.

Additionally, contemporary art spaces like the artist-run abra.espacio and cero uno, located in the downtown neighbourhood, showcase the exciting work of contemporary artists.

MÍRAME aims to put San José on the cultural map by inviting locals, travellers, and expats to explore the city's art scene and engage with its talented artists.

Recognising and promoting San José's role in the art community is essential for establishing it as a pivotal centre for Costa Rican art and culture.

Deconstructed jungle with uncanny, surreal plant that resembles a human form, painted in Christian Wedel's signature green.

Christian Wedel, Fountain II, Oil on canvas


Art is an essential component of a nation’s culture, offering a lens through which to view its identity, values, and aspirations.

Costa Rica’s art scene, though rich and diverse, has long been overshadowed. MÍRAME Fine Art is changing this narrative by championing local talent, fostering cultural appreciation, and building bridges to the international art world.

Through their efforts, they are ensuring that Costa Rican art receives the recognition it truly deserves, both at home and abroad.

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