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11 - 17 March 2024



Design Week in San José, Costa Rica, is a celebration of the nation’s creativity and design talent. From 11 – 17 March, the city will come alive with a diverse range of exhibitions and fairs, showcasing the best in contemporary design and artistic expression.

Here are some of the things you can enjoy during Design Week.


Dear Salaryman, Allegra Pacheco
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, San José Dates: on until 30 March, 10am – 4:50pm, Tuesday – Saturday


"Dear Salaryman" offers a comprehensive presentation of multidisciplinary Costa Rican artist Allegra Pacheco, featuring an array of artworks that span photography, painting, ceramics, installation, performance, and cinema.

">Business man lying on the ground with a chalk outline. An example of Pacheco's work in the exhibition "Dear Salaryman". Description:

The title of the exhibition draws inspiration from her 2021 documentary, "Salaryman", an exploration of Japanese blue-collar businessmen. It was during her visit to Tokyo that Pacheco was struck by the juxtaposition of bodies scattered on the pavement against the backdrop of business people in suits, an alarming reality she refers to as "scenes of murder."

Pacheco transcends the medium of film to provide a more holistic examination of the global work culture. The show investigates the abuse prevalent in workplaces, shrouded under the guise of "work." Pacheco, driven by a desire to question the very essence of work, delves into the routines of office workers, challenging the purpose they serve.

One set of artworks comprises photographs and paintings, which offer fragmented glimpses into the daily habits of the worker. A second set of artworks features intervening objects or artifacts that incorporate recurring symbols from the worker's routine. Pacheco skillfully weaves Japanese symbolic connotations to provide an international commentary on work culture. This deconstructed day in the life of a worker serves as a collective portrait of all of us, as Pacheco asserts, "we are all wage earners in one way or another, that's the truth."

The MADC is dedicated to contemporary Central American art and design, serves as the perfect backdrop for Pacheco's exploration. Don't miss this exhibition, as Allegra Pacheco emerges as a compelling force in San José's contemporary art scene, her documentary having earned Best Documentary at the Los Angeles Documentary Film Festival in 2021. The MADC, with over 900 artworks in its collection, further enhances the significance of Pacheco's work in the context of Costa Rican and Central American art.

Mesoamerica: Land of footprints
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, San José Dates: 12 - 17 March, 10am – 4:50pm, Tuesday – Saturday

This immersive showcase brings together the works of over 50 esteemed artists hailing from the Mesoamerican region, including Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

Photography of Indigenous people, featured in "Mesoamerica: Land of footprints" exhibition.


Discover the traces left by contemporary art in the heritage of Mesoamerica as you journey through this expansive exhibition. From intricately crafted sculptures to striking visual narratives, each piece offers a unique perspective on the cultural landscape of the region.

Installed in the main room of the MADC, this exhibition serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of Mesoamerican artistry and innovation. Explore the intricate motifs, symbolic imagery, and diverse techniques that characterise the artistic expression of this dynamic cultural hub.


Rolando Castellón Alegría Archive

Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, San José

Dates: 12 – 17 March, 10am – 4:50pm, Tuesday – Saturday

Embark on a journey through the illustrious career of Rolando Castellón Alegría, a visionary artist, curator, researcher, and cultural luminary, at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design in San José.

Articles/artifacts from the exhibition "Rolando Castellón Alegría Archive".


Explore the impressive legacy of Rolando Castellón Alegría, whose multidimensional contributions have shaped the cultural landscape of Costa Rica and beyond. As an artist, curator, and cultural manager, Castellón Alegría's impact resonates across generations, continents, and disciplines.

Experience the breadth and depth of Castellón Alegría's artistic evolution through a display of his personal archive. From curated books and catalogues to evocative photographs, each artifact offers a window into the various stages and periods of his remarkable career.

As the former chief curator at Costa Rica's Museum of Contemporary Art and Design and a practitioner at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Castellón Alegría's influence transcends borders, weaving a narrative of artistic exploration, innovation, and cultural exchange.


Temporalities anchored by light. Photography and audiovisual exhibition by five Nicaraguan artists.

Venue:Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, San José

Dates: 12 – 17 March, 10am – 4:50pm, Tuesday – Saturday

Five renowned Nicaraguan artists - Claudia Gordillo, Patricia Villalobos, Martha Díaz, and Mayerling García - come together to illuminate the intricacies of Nicaraguan history and society through the powerful mediums of photography and audiovisual art.

Photography showing children on pavement, in masks. Featured in exhibition;Temporalities anchored by light. Photography and audiovisual exhibition by five Nicaraguan artists


A poignant exploration of Nicaraguan heritage, spanning from the mid-20th century to the present day. Through evocative imagery and immersive audiovisual experiences, the exhibition delves into the collective memory, social dynamics, and cultural evolution that have shaped the Nicaraguan experience.

Experience the passage of time through the lens of these talented artists, as they navigate themes of identity, resilience, and transformation. From haunting black-and-white portraits to vibrant snapshots of daily life, each photograph serves as a window into the soul of Nicaraguan society, inviting reflection and dialogue.

As the disciplines of photography and audiovisual art converge,"Temporalities Anchored by Light" not only captures historical moments but also challenges perceptions, offering a dynamic reinterpretation of Nicaraguan history and identity in the 21st century.

Beyond Shrek, Andrés Murillo

Venue: Sendero, Escalate

Dates: 9-24 March, 2024. 12:00 – 20:00 Tuesday – Sunday.

Costa Rican artist Andrés Murillo takes a critical look at internet and mass culture through his exhibition, "Beyond Shrek."

Shrek's bottom and hands, advertising the exhibition Beyond Shrek.


Murillo challenges the norms of internet and mass culture with wit, humour, and a keen eye for detail. Through a series of bold and eclectic artworks, Murillo prompts viewers to question the ways in which we interact with the plethora of images and symbols that saturate our daily lives.

"Beyond Shrek" is more than just an exhibition; it's a critical examination of contemporary society's relationship with pop culture and digital media. Murillo's clever use of humour and pop culture references serves as a catalyst for introspection, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the layers of meaning behind the seemingly mundane.

From larger-than-life installations to intricate mixed-media pieces, each artwork in "Beyond Shrek" offers a fresh perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of internet culture. Murillo's work challenges us to reconsider our assumptions and preconceptions, prompting conversations about identity, consumerism, and the impact of digital technology on our lives.

Exhibition of botanical Illustration

Venue: Museum of Costa Rican Art, San José

Dates: 11 – 17 March, 9am – 4pm every day

Commemorating a half-century of botanical excellence, the Museum of Costa Rican Art in San José pays tribute to the Lankester Botanical Garden, a revered research centre dedicated to the cultivation and study of orchids.

Flowers on a white background advertising the exhibition of botanical illustration.


Step into a world of botanical beauty and scientific precision as we showcase a stunning collection of watercolours by the Franco-Italian artist, Sylvia Strigari. This exhibition not only celebrates the rich legacy of the Lankester Botanical Garden but also highlights the artistry of Strigari, whose works strike a perfect balance between aesthetic allure and scientific integrity.

From delicate orchids to vibrant foliage, her artworks offer a glimpse into the diversity of Costa Rican flora. This exhibition is also a testament to the vital role that botanical illustration plays in advancing our understanding of the natural world. Through her renderings, Strigari invites us to appreciate the beauty and complexity of plant life while also fostering a deeper connection to the environment around us.


Cervixtas,by Elizabeth Argüello

Venue:French Alliance, San José

Dates: 11 March – 6 April, 8am – 6pm, every day

Immerse yourself in the heart of feminine identity with "Cervixtas," a groundbreaking exhibition by Elizabeth Argüello, hosted at the French Alliance in San José.

Colourful, purple vulva advertising the exhibition Cervixtas.


Three striking murals invite contemplation on themes of empowerment and introspection, challenging societal norms and confronting the taboo surrounding the female body.

"Cervixtas" incorporates the innovative use of augmented reality so that each vulva mural comes to life, sharing its own unique story and perspective. From tales of resilience to narratives of self-discovery, these interactive installations offer a poignant glimpse into the diverse experiences of womanhood.

At the heart of "Cervixtas" lies an exploration of the cervix—an often-overlooked aspect of female anatomy. Argüello's evocative depictions delve into the myriad shapes, textures, and aesthetics of the cervix, inviting viewers to engage with this intimate aspect of feminine physiology.

By inviting physical interaction and dialogue, "Cervixtas" transcends mere aesthetics, sparking conversations about body positivity, autonomy, and the reclaiming of feminine identity.

Future Design Exhibition, Jose Pablo Alvarado

Venue:Galería Valanti, San José

Dates: 11 – 17 March, 9:30am – 5pm, every day

Hosted by the Valanti Art Gallery in San José, this exhibition offers a glimpse into the future of design while paying homage to the rich traditions of Costa Rican craftsmanship.

Chair made by Jose Pablo Alvarado to advertise the Future Design Exhibiton.


Celebrating indigenous Costa Rican design, each piece in this exhibition is a testament to Alvarado's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Through his craftsmanship and deep reverence for nature, Alvarado creates sustainable designs that harmonise with the environment. From ethically sourced materials to eco-friendly production techniques, his chairs embody a profound awareness of our collective responsibility to protect and preserve our planet.

But beyond their environmental impact, the pieces on display at the "Future Design Exhibition" are a feast for the senses. With their sensory textures and elegant, clean designs, Alvarado's chairs transcend mere functionality, becoming works of art that delight the eye and engage the soul.

When Sport Inspires

Venue: The Old Customs House, San José

Dates: 14 – 17 March

A celebration of athleticism and artistic expression at "When Sport Inspires," a group exhibition organised by the Alliance Française in collaboration with renowned French artist Jérémie Nassir and five talented Costa Rican artists.

Dark warehouse with colourful balls advertising the When Sport Inspires exhibition.


Experience the thrill of the 2024 Paris Olympics through the lens of art inspired by the world of sports.

French artist Jérémie Nassir is joined by Costa Rican artists Laura Astorga, Elizabeth Arguello, Claudio Corrales, Carlos Arias, and Estefanía Hidalgo. From paintings to sculptures, "When Sport Inspires" offers a multi-dimensional exploration of the intersection between sports and culture. Through their collaborative efforts, Nassir and his Costa Rican counterparts invite viewers to reflect on the universal themes of teamwork, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence.

We are LAT, Utilitarian Design Exhibition

Venue: Amana Place, Barrio Escalante

Dates: 13 – 30 March

"We are LAT" brings together designers from across Latin America in a collaborative celebration of utilitarian design.

Various design objects to advertise We are LAT exhibition.


Featuring a diverse array of functional objects, furniture, and accessories, "We are LAT" highlights the ingenuity and craftsmanship of Latin American designers who share a common vision of creating spaces that honour and celebrate the design community. From sleek minimalist designs to vibrant cultural motifs, each piece tells a story of innovation, sustainability, and cultural identity.

By creating a platform for collaboration and exchange, "We are LAT" aims to strengthen the bonds between Latin American countries and propel the region's design community onto the global stage.

Wings, from the lens to the illustration

Venue: Amana Place, Barrio Escalante

Dates: 13 – 30 March

Experience the majesty of birds through the lens of photographer Melissa Monge, whose keen eye captures the intricate details of feathers, the colourful hues of plumage, and the diverse ecosystems that birds inhabit. In this ground-breaking exhibition, Monge's photographs serve as the catalyst for a creative dialogue between photography and illustration.

Three-wattled bellbird perching on a branch.


Seven talented illustrators have been handpicked to interpret Monge's photographs, each bringing their unique artistic vision to the table. From bold strokes to delicate lines, their illustrations breathe new life into Monge's images, offering fresh perspectives and imaginative interpretations of the avian world.

Wings, from the lens to the illustration" is a celebration of collaboration and cross-disciplinary dialogue. By bridging the gap between photography and illustration, this exhibition invites viewers to explore the intersection of art and nature.



Fairs are an important part of Design Week to create more visibility and generate momentum.

Local Design Fair, organised by Pitaya

Dates: 14– 17 March Venue: The Old Customs House, San José

Mug, vase and plant to advertise the Local Design Fair.

Seventy designers across various disciplines converge to showcase their creations in pets, children, fashion, accessories, and home design, fostering social and economic development within the community.

Rayon Party, Local Illustration Market Dates: 14 – 17 March Venue: The Old Customs House, San José

Mouse and cat dressed as people, holding a crayon, to advertise the Raynon Party.

illustrators unite to celebrate diverse styles that resonate with communities, fostering connections and drawing attention from potential buyers, brands, and new audiences.

  1. Fury Expo, Entrepreneurship Fair

Dates: 14 – 17 March Venue: The Old Customs House, San José

Girl's face with green hair advertising the Fury expo

Independent designers and artists seeking to venture into the freelance realm converge, offering a platform for networking and opportunities to kickstart their entrepreneurial journeys.

  1. BOHO Wellness, organised by Cueropapelytijera
  2. Dates: 16 - 17 March Venue: Cueropapelytijera, Sabana Norte

    Grey background with lemons to advertise BOHO Wellness fair.

    Participants immerse themselves in a nurturing environment where creativity intertwines with well-being, providing a platform for businesses to promote their services and connect with individuals passionate about integrating wellness into local commerce.


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