portrait of Milo Gonzalez in his studio to promote San José's Milo Gonzalez exhibition.
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Milo Gonzalez Exhibition:

Impresiones Musicales de Milo Gonzalez at Casa de Cultura del Banco Popular | 28 June - 26 July 2024

Explore the fascinating life of Milo Gonzalez, a self-taught Costa Rican artist born in Moravia, just north of the country's capital, San José. This month at the Casa de Cultura del Banco Popular in San José, Gonzalez opens a compelling exhibition that introduces his new body of work focusing on musical compositions.

Banco Popular's Milo Gonzalez exhibition offers a unique look at how Gonzalez's artistic vision extends beyond the canvas into music, providing a comprehensive experience of his creativity.

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The life of Milo Gonzalez

From discovering his passion for art in his 20s to his childhood influences, Gonzalez’s unique artistic evolution is evident in his work. Combining cubist influences, bold brushstrokes, and earthy colour palettes, he transports viewers from Costa Rica’s beautiful vistas to the intimate moments of everyday life, and beyond.

expressive figurative painting by Milo Gonzalez, featuring two women with brooms in their hands engaged in cleaning. They have enigmatic expressions and their elongated forms and angular faces create movement and energy. Featured in the Milo Gonzalez Exhibition in San José.

Milo Gonzalez, Barrenderas, Oil on canvas

A self-taught artist, Gonzalez is deeply influenced by childhood memories of visits to the National Museum, where he was mesmerised by urns and Aboriginal burials. It is not surprising therefore that earthy ochre tones and gold ornaments underpin his artistic vision.

“The colours present themselves; they are not planned. They flow through me.” -- Gonzalez

His paintings predominantly feature a natural colour palette punctuated by expressive, bright tones, evoking ideas and feelings in his subjects. While primarily figurative, many of Gonzalez's backgrounds exhibit abstract elements, which adds depth to his compositions. Additionally, his canvases are often highly textured, enhancing the tactile and visual experience of his work.

Renowned for his experimental techniques and compositions, Gonzalez showcases a diverse range of subjects, from nostalgic childhood memories to intimate domestic scenes with his children, jazz clubs and even animals like the bull—a powerful symbol in Costa Rican culture.

Large Costa Rican bull painting by Milo Gonzalez. Predominantly painted with gold and brown colours, Gonzalez punctuates with red, purple and orange to create a striking and powerful composition.

Milo Gonzalez, Gran Toro, Oil on canvas

Gonzalez's Approach to Painting: Embracing Spontaneity and Diversity

Gonzalez adopts a unique approach to each painting, embracing spontaneity and allowing colours and forms to evolve organically during the creative process. This fluid methodology lends a dynamic quality to his work, resonating with audiences searching for authenticity and innovation.

Many of Gonzalez's subjects are imbued with movement, whether in the fluidity of dance, tender embraces, or frozen moments in time, depicting scenes of playful children or bustling city streets.

Despite the diversity of his subjects, Gonzalez maintains a distinctive style that remains true to his artistic roots, consistently capturing the essence of his Costa Rican heritage.

A rustic Costa Rican market painting by Milo Gonzalez, featuring plantain sellers.

Milo Gonzalez, Plaintain Sellers, Oil on canvas

Expanding Horizons: Music as Art

At the Milo Gonzalez exhibition at the Casa de Cultura del Banco Popular, visitors will experience Gonzalez's new body of work, featuring musical compositions.

New musical compositions by Milo Gonzalez, featured in the new Milo Gonzalez exhibition at Banco Popular in San José June/July 2024.

Milo Gonzalez, Oil on canvas

"Music is integral to humanity." -- Gonzalez

Gonzalez explains that music is deeply ingrained in human life, starting with the rhythm of a mother's heartbeat in harmony with her baby's. He notes that while painting musical sounds is impossible, art can suggest musical experiences through evocative imagery. Ultimately, the viewer's personal experience completes the artwork.

Cubist portrayal of a man playing the double bass, by the Costa Rican artist Milo Gonzalez. Energetic and lively.

Milo Gonzalez, Oil on canvas

This exhibition, with around 30 new paintings, marks a significant expansion of Gonzalez’s artistic expression, blending visual and auditory experiences to create a holistic representation of his creative world.

One of Milo Gonzalez's latest paintings captures a compelling scene of the unorthodox Canadian pianist Glenn Gould playing Bach's "The Goldberg Variations."

This work vividly portrays Gould in his characteristic manner, seated not on a traditional pianist's bench but on his beloved old tiny chair. The painting brings to life the historic 1955 performance, highlighting Gould's unique style and the profound impact of his interpretation of the Goldberg Variations on music history.

Through his highly textured and expressive brushstrokes, Gonzalez evokes the essence of Gould's genius, merging the worlds of visual art and classical music.

Painting of Canadian pianist Glenn Gould, by Milo Gonzalez. Featuring rich colours to convey the essence of Gould's music.

Milo Gonzalez, Glenn Gould, Oil on canvas

The event promises to be a celebration of his eclectic talent, highlighting the seamless integration of his passions for art and music.

Don't miss this Milo Gonzalez exhibition and the chance to experience the paintings of this Costa Rican master.

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