Milo Gonzalez

Costa Rica, b.1956

Lives and works in San José, Costa Rica

Born in Moravia, north of San José, Milo Gonzalez discovered his passion for art late in his 20s and embarked on a journey largely as a self-taught artist with the added tutelage of Kan Yu Chen from La Escuela Casa del Artista in Costa Rica. Renowned for experimenting with new techniques and compositions, Gonzalez avoids repetition by painting a diverse range of subjects. His work spans from nostalgic childhood memories to intimate domestic scenes with his children, still life depictions in the home, and even animals like the bull, a powerful symbol in Costa Rican culture.

Drawing inspiration from modern masters, such as Gauguin and Picasso, Gonzalez often infuses his paintings with distinct Cubist characteristics and an experimental use of colour, using a predominantly earthy pallet punctuated by expressive, bright tones to focus on evoking ideas and feelings in his subjects. Gonzalez approaches his painting with spontaneity, allowing the colours and forms to unfold organically as he immerses himself in the creative process. He notes, “The colours present themselves; they are not planned. They flow through me.”

With numerous exhibitions across Central and North America, including a solo exhibition at the Artbox Expo in Miami, Gonzalez explores diverse influences in his art while always capturing the essence of his Costa Rican roots.

Milo Gonzalez in his studio, 2023 (Photography by Julio Sequeira)