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June 23, 2024 0 Contemporary art Belinda

Don't miss these Costa Rica art exhibitions happening across the country this week!

Costa Rica boasts a dynamic and exciting contemporary art scene for those who know where to look.

From the bustling streets of San José to the tranquil ambiance of coastal towns, the country hosts a variety of galleries, exhibitions, and cultural events that showcase the country's top local talent.

Costa Rica's contemporary art scene promises diverse and compelling experiences. Discover hidden gems and renowned galleries across the country, where creativity flourishes amidst lush landscapes and dynamic communities.

Read on to find out what's on next week.

• 3 Mejías, Alaskan, Kayejero, AG Gallery, Eszacú. Opening 26 June, 7pm. (Your invitation below).

Milo Gonzalez, Impresiones Musicales, Casa de Cultura del Banco Popular, San José. Opening 28 June, 6.30pm. (Your invitation below). On until

Roberto Murillo and Miguel Hernández Bastos: Diálogo en Dibujo, Cartago Municipal Museum. On until 9 July.

• Karla Herencia, Oceanografías Sensibles, Alianza Francesa Costa Rica, San José. On until 26 July.

• Jorge Murillo, DesFragmentaciones Cromáticas, Museo Histórico Cultural, Alajuela. On until 5 August.

• Etérea en ABSTRACTO, Galería Etérea, San José. On until 7 August.

• Cruz-Diez, Museo de Arte Costarricense, San José. On until 29 September.

• Imagen Habitada. Laboratorio de Proyectos Visuales. salita_temporal, abra.espacio, San José. On until end of September.

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Enjoy the evening receptions of 3 at AG Gallery and Impresiones Musicales at Casa de Cultura del Banco Popular

Your invitations below

Costa Rica art exhibitions invitation..            Costa Rica art exhibitions invitation.

3 at AG Gallery. Featuring Pablo Mejias. Read more here 

A figurative artist known for his dark, gothic, and grotesque imagery, Mejias' work delves deep into the human psyche, portraying torment and inner turmoil through surreal and unsettling scenes.

His painting is deeply personal and introspective. Reflecting on his process, Mejias explains, “My artistic process is very passionate; art saved my life and is the most important means of communication I have."

This profound connection to his craft reveals a raw and honest portrayal of his inner world. His artworks, stemming from the profound impact of his brother's early passing, delve into the intricate layers of the human psyche, vividly portraying the turmoil of the soul.

Impresiones Musicales, Casa de Cultura del Banco Popular. Featuring Milo Gonzalez

From discovering his passion for art in his 20s to his childhood influences, Gonzalez’s unique artistic evolution is evident in his work. Combining cubist influences, bold brushstrokes, and earthy colour palettes, he transports viewers from Costa Rica’s beautiful vistas to the intimate moments of everyday life, and beyond.

This exhibition offers a unique look at how Gonzalez's artistic vision extends beyond the canvas into music, providing a comprehensive experience of his creativity.

Make sure not to miss Karla Herencia's exhibition Oceanografías Sensibles at San José's Alianza Francesa Costa Rica.

Here are some images of Herencia's exhibition.

Images of Karla Herencia's exhibition in San José. Images of Karla Herencia's exhibition in San José. Images of Karla Herencia's exhibition in San José.

Karla Herencia, Oceanografías Sensibles, Alianza Francesa Costa Rica

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