Portrait of Emilia Cantor in her studio. New Paintings for sale by Emilia Cantor.
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Discover the Enigmatic World of Emilia Cantor

Presenting Emilia Cantor's Fine Art Narratives With Four New Paintings for Sale.

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Cantor received formal training at the Florence Academy of Art in 2003 where she honed traditional skills and techniques, which she now blends with a modernist colourful sensibility, creating a fusion of contemporary and classical art.

Dedicated to formal art training and valuing traditional methods, Cantor founded the Atelier del Sol in San José in 2012, which stands as Costa Rica’s first and only institution of its kind, underlining her commitment to preserving and promoting classical artistic techniques. Quoting Picasso, Cantor echoed the sentiment that “you must learn the rules to be able to break them”.

Cantor is a creator of alternative realities, a storyteller and a provocateur of thought. Drawing from Symbolist and Surrealist traditions, Cantor’s paintings serve as portals to otherworldly realms, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur.

Her canvases are alive with vibrant hues, juxtaposed with intense magentas, purples and pinks against stark blacks, creating a visual symphony that resonates with emotion and intrigue.

Cantor breathes life into her subjects. Within her paintings are a myriad of living forms – humanoid figures, whimsical creatures and enigmatic shapes – each beckoning us to explore a world beyond our own.

Shrouded in ambiguity and infused with rich mythological forms, Cantor’s new paintings for sale convey a distinctive narrative style. The viewer must engage in an emotional puzzle to decipher the artist’s intention, leaving us in a state of curiosity.


Experience and childhood imagination unite in Cantor’s latest collection of new paintings for sale, as she revisits the mystical subjects that inspired her youth. Drawing inspiration from mermaids, fairies and street cats, Cantor brings together two decades of dedicated practice and academic training with a fresh perspective and refined techniques. Dreams and reality converge in each painting as you are invited to rediscover the magic of your own imagination.

Tormenta de Enigmas (Conundrum storm)

Mermaid sitting on rock looking out at the ocean abyss. New painting for sale by Emilia Cantor.

Tormenta De Enigmas (Conundrum Storm), 2024, Oil on wood panel.

In "Tormenta de Enigmas (Conundrum Storm)," Cantor depicts a mermaid perched pensively upon a rocky outcrop, gazing pensively into the abyss. Against a backdrop of rich, dark colours that evoke the vastness of the ocean, the delicate rendering of the mermaid's form – from her flowing hair to her soft, fleshy pregnant belly – is a testament to Cantor's technical skill and attention to detail. The contrast between the darkness of the ocean depths and the soft glow of the horizon creates a sense of tension and anticipation, reflecting the mermaid who is on the cusp of a momentous journey. Cantor captures not only the physical beauty of the mermaid but also the depth of emotion and longing that lies beneath the surface.

Fairy Ravers

Two fairies standing next to each other in a rave in the nighttime. New paintings for sale by Emilia Cantor.

Fairy Ravers, 2023, Oil on canvas

Similarly, "Fairy Ravers," transports viewers into a carnivalesque gathering inspired by the rave scene in Caracas of the 1990s. Two women adorned with vivid green wings stand amidst peculiar abstract creatures; their piercing red eyes attracting attention amidst the darkness. The ethereal beings emerged from the depths of Cantor's memory and imagination, each brushstroke imbuing them with a sense of nostalgia and otherworldly presence. With a touch of humour and a dash of magic, Cantor captures the essence of a festivity, creating a mesmerising atmosphere that resonates with spiritual energy.


Siren called Aglaope is half-submerged in the murky water. New paintings for sale by Emilia Cantor.

Aglaope, 2023, Oil on canvas

The mythical figure of Aglaope, one of the captivating Sirens from Greek mythology, takes centre stage in another of Cantor’s paintings. The name "Aglaope," meaning "lambent voice," perfectly encapsulates Cantor's use of luminous soft green and intense neon orange tones that accentuate the Siren's face as light dances across it. With a cautious expression and slightly parted lips, Aglaope seems to be aware of our presence, her large elfish ears attuned to the slightest sound, her alluring voice on the brink of being heard. Cantor's striking colours blend to create an ethereal, ghostly figure, shimmering amidst murky waters with an otherworldly allure.

Callejeras (Street Cats)

A group of cats prowling forward as though they're coming out of the canvas. New paintings for sale by Emilia Cantor.

Callejeras (Street Cats), 2023, Oil on canvas

At first glance, "Callejeras Street Cats" may seem like a simple depiction of felines prowling the urban landscape at night. However, Cantor reveals a deeper narrative, where the cats possess a mysterious and enigmatic quality.

A pack of cats emerges from the canvas, their collective gaze fixed on an unseen threat, poised, and finding strength in their unity. Cantor captures the innate energy of these creatures, conjuring their sense of intuition and mystique. They exude an aura of potential transformation, hinting at the untapped power lying dormant within.

Set against a backdrop of an indigo nighttime sky, with stars twinkling overhead, the scene evokes nocturnal wisdom and feminine energy. As the cats prowl with purpose, they embody the divine strength and resilience often associated with the feminine archetype. Among the pack, a beautiful white cat emerges. With glowing green eyes and neon pink ears, it commands attention at the forefront of the composition. This regal feline symbolises nocturnal grace and inner strength, inviting viewers to explore the mysteries of the night alongside her.





Each new painting for sale reflects Cantor's signature blend of harmonious colours and refined paint application, showcasing her evolution as an artist. Inspired by childhood imagination and fueled by a lifelong passion for mythology, Cantor's latest collection is a testament to her enduring creative spirit and her ability to transport viewers to fantastical realms where anything is possible.

Behind the new paintings for sale. About Emilia Cantor.

Portrait of Emilia Cantor in her studio.


  • Born in Venezuela in 1979.
  • Showed a fascination with drawing from an early age.
  • Flourished in Florence, Italy, at the age of twenty-three.
  • Graduated as an academic painter from the Angel Academy of Art in 2008.
  • Received two prestigious scholarships at the Florence Academy of Art.

Contributions to Art Education:

  • Served as a painting instructor in Venezuela and Chicago.
  • Founded the Atelier del Sol in San José, Costa Rica, in 2012.
  • Pioneered Costa Rica's art education scene.
  • Provided a platform for aspiring artists to thrive.

Impact and Legacy:

  • Inspired countless young talents to pursue their artistic dreams.
  • Solidified her status as an influential art educator.
  • Continues to nurture creativity and passion in others.
  • Alternative universes.

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