Sara #1

Artist Name : Adrián ArguedasCV

Sara #1

Oil on fabric,
109 x 122 cm | 42.9 x 48 in.

USD 7,000

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This Costa Rica oil painting by Adrián Arguedas contains vibrant hues and intricate detail converge to depict a young girl in a bathing suit, clutching a surf or body board. This painting captures the essence of coastal life in Costa Rica, offering viewers a glimpse into its rich culture and natural beauty.

Through careful brushstrokes and subtle nuances of colour, Arguedas brings the scene to life, inviting viewers to explore the idyllic shores of Costa Rica. The close-up composition draws attention to the young girl’s expression, her anticipation palpable as she prepares to ride the waves. From the intricate patterns of the girl’s bathing suit to the texture of the surf or body board she holds, Arguedas transports viewers to a sun-drenched beach in Costa Rica.

This painting is an example of Arguedas’ figurative work, which embraces the spirit of masquerade; even if masks are not depicted, he is exploring the various guises people adopt. Always referencing popular culture, his work presents archetypes, depicting patterns of behaviour, offering a lens through which to view our multifaceted human experience. Even when Arguedas is not painting literal masks, he captures the way individuals project their identities. Here we get a small insight the life of this girl and our imagination wonders at the larger context.

Whether displayed in a coastal retreat or a city apartment, this Costa Rica oil Painting serves as a timeless reminder of the joys of seaside living.

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Dimensions 150 × 15 × 15 cm

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Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow