Diversión (Jesús María)

Artist Name : Adrián ArguedasCV

Diversión (Jesús María)

Oil on fabric
76.5 x 107 cm | 30.1 x 42.1 in.

USD 6,000

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Adrián Arguedas explores a different way to portray a traditional Costa Rica river scene. In this portrayal, families leisurely frolic in the crystal-clear waters. Arguedas depicts a timeless moment of leisure and connection with nature.

At the heart of the composition lies a surreal element typical of Arguedas: an inflatable bouncy castle nestled in the Costa Rican river, amidst the verdant landscape.

This unexpected juxtaposition adds a playfulness to the scene, which prompts contemplation on the intersection of reality and imagination. This painting exemplifies Arguedas’ affinity for appropriating commonplace imagery and recontextualising it in unexpected scenarios.

This Costa Rica River oil painting serves as a poignant reflection on the harmony between humanity and the natural world. It invites viewers to pause and appreciate the beauty that surrounds them.

It is also an example of Adrián Arguedas’ concern with archetypes and the different types of human behaviour. He offers a lens through which to view our multifaceted human experience.

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