Portrait of Osvaldo Sequeira in his studio, 2023. Abstract impressionist figurative painting in the background.
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Introduction. Abstract Impressionist Figurative Painting

  We are thrilled to announce the inaugural solo exhibition of Osvaldo Sequeira in Washington, D.C., hosted at the prestigious IDB Staff Association Art Gallery, commencing on April 9th. This eagerly anticipated exhibition comprises of twelve acrylic paintings and two acrylics on transparent methacrylate sheets. Sequeira blends abstract impressionist figurative styles within his paintings to offer a fresh perspective on the human body as a conduit for expression. Explore more at MÍRAME Fine Art Instagram @mirame_fine_art | Facebook @Mírame Fine Art  

Sequeira’s Artistic Approach

  Sequeira, a formally trained artist, blends his graphic arts background with unconventional imagination and animation skills. His signature style converges design principles, aesthetics, and visual narratives, resulting in a fusion of drawing and painting. Influenced by impressionist artists like Joaquín Sorolla and Gustave Caillebotte, he practices "en plein air" painting, maintaining an observational edge while working directly from nature. His 100% representational work relies on a solid command of perspective and form structure, highlighting the pivotal role of drawing in his artistic expression.  Bright red background with a woman lying on her stomach, resting on her hands. Blending abstraction with figurative, Osvaldo Sequeira explores abstract, impressionist, figurative styles. Ser/Humano 35, Acrylic on canvas, 90 x 131 cm | 35.4 x 51.6 in.  

Exploring the Human. Ser/Human 35

  A standout piece from the exhibition is human figure painting "Ser/Humano 35", available at MÍRAME Fine Art. Against a backdrop of vivid red, a woman's figure emerges from beneath the paint, undergoing a remarkable transformation from an abstract outline to a detailed depiction of her facial features. Each brushstroke remains visible, creating a textured landscape. This visual narrative, reminiscent of Sequeira's animation roots, evokes a sense of the figure materialising or perhaps fading into the depths of the canvas. The striking red hue serves not only as a homage to his animation background but also as a potent symbol, signifying passion, vitality, and the complexities of human emotion. As viewers engage with "Ser/Humano 35", they are invited to contemplate the fluidity of existence, where reality intertwines with imagination in a mesmerising dance of colour and form. In his latest works, Sequeira delves deeper into the human form, often depicting nude or partially clothed against a backdrop of neutral, nude tones. Each painting captures intimate moments frozen in time, where figures engage in poignant contemplation or fluid movement. The juxtaposition of abstract backgrounds allows the human form to take centre stage, inviting viewers to ponder the intricacies of existence. Notable among these pieces are "Cinemática 18" and "Cinemática 19", where Sequeira paints human faces over top of one another, creating a spectral dialogue reminiscent of cinematic frames. This innovative approach underscores Sequeira's dynamic exploration of human interaction and emotion. The juxtaposition of multiple faces, more focused and intensified as though viewed through a screen, evokes a sense of depth and complexity in human relationships. As viewers engage with these pieces, they are drawn into a realm where time seems suspended, allowing for contemplation on the transient nature of human connections and the enduring power of shared experiences. Acrylic human form painting by Osvaldo Sequeira, depicting two figures overlaid on top of each other. Blending abstraction with figurative, Osvaldo Sequeira explores abstract, impressionist, figurative styles. Cinemática 18, Acrylic on canvas, 55.9 x 55.9 cm | 22 x 22 in.  

Studio Visit Experience

  During our recent visit to Sequeira's studio in San José, we got to experience the abstract impressionist figurative paintings and their tactile richness of his human forms. Thick strokes of paint melded with luscious nude tones, expertly capturing light and shadow on the human flesh. The studio ambiance provided a glimpse into Sequeira's meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to his craft. He showed us the paintings that were to be shipped to Washington for his show and introduced us to his new works on transparent methacrylate sheets. Delicately mounted on wooden blocks, these three-dimensional pieces introduced a compelling dimensionality to his work. The interplay of light passing through the transparent medium imbued the human figure painting with an otherworldly aura, inviting contemplation on the transient nature of perception and the multifaceted layers of human experience. Osvaldo Sequeira in his studio, presenting an acrylic painting on plastic sheet of a human body. A human figure painting. Blending abstraction with figurative, Osvaldo Sequeira explores abstract, impressionist, figurative styles. Osvaldo Sequeira in his studio, 2024 As Sequeira embarks on this exciting chapter with his debut exhibition in Washington, we invite you to explore his abstract impressionist figurative available paintings with MÍRAME Fine Art. Portrait of artist Osvaldo Sequeira, a human figure painter represented by MÍRAME Fine Art. Blending abstraction with figurative, Osvaldo Sequeira explores abstract, impressionist, figurative styles. Osvaldo Sequeira in his studio, 2024 (Photography by Julio Sequeira)  

About Osvaldo Sequeira

  b. 1969, San José Lives and works in San José, Costa Rica Download his full CV here Education 1993 School of Plastic Arts, University of Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica Work Experience 1992-2000 Advisor in animation and graphic design 2000 to date Founding partner of Estudio Flex, San Pedro, San José, Costa Rica 2015 to date Professor of plastic arts, Academia Santa Gráfica, San Pedro, San José, Costa Rica 2015-2016 Professor at Ulacit University, San José, Costa Rica EXPLORE MORE AT MÍRAME FINE ART

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