Daniela Marten Rothe

Costa Rica, b.1976

Lives and works in Escazú, Costa Rica

Daniela Marten Rothe's paintings explore themes of eroticism, tropicalism, and feminine energy, drawing inspiration from Anaïs Nin and iconic women like Georgia O'Keeffe and Audre Lorde. This diverse influence enriches her examination of sexuality and the natural world.

Approaching her ‘Hatching Goddess’ paintings as if they were cosmic eggs, Marten Rothe witnesses the birth of her creations, reflecting the cycles of life and creation. Infused with earthy, primal elements such as clay directly applied to the canvas, her works evoke a visceral connection between viewer and artwork. She occasionally incorporates raw techniques like cutting holes into the canvas, adding layers of vulnerability.

Rooted in Costa Rica’s tropical environment, her subjects often feature flora, leaves, petals, and religious iconography, fostering a sensual dialogue between nature and spirituality. In her ‘Sensual Tropical Limbic’ series, Marten-Rothe’s bold, colourful palette and bright floral forms evoke sensuality, eroticism, and themes of female sexual oppression.

A graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Costa Rica, Marten Rothe has exhibited extensively, earning recognition such as the first prize at the CROMA Biennial in 2022. She is a founding member of ‘Quiero Pintar,’ advocating for recognition of living female artists.

Marten Rothe’s work celebrates the power of female sexuality and urges society to combat female subjugation. Her art speaks to the primal, sensual aspects of human existence, transcending mere aesthetics and highlighting the transformative potential of feminine power.

Daniela Marten Rothe in her studio, 2024. (Photography by Julio Sequeira)