Collective Consciousness

Artist Name : Sofía RuizCV

Collective Consciousness

Oil on canvas
110 x 140 cm | 43.3 x 55 in.

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Sofía Ruiz explores human experience in her paintings, offering a unique perspective on themes of otherness, duality, and loss of identity. Drawing from poignant experiences, she navigates memory and family connections, infusing her work with resilience.

Raised amidst her mother’s amnesia and grandmother’s Alzheimer’s, Ruiz’s childhood was marked by disconnection and alienation within her family. This Collective Consciousness painting is an example of how this sense of isolation permeates her art, which typically features imperfect family units as metaphors for the human condition.

Central to Ruiz’s work are haunting portraits of children suspended in dreamlike states, surrounded by abstract forms hinting at emotional landscapes. These narratives evoke nostalgia, prompting viewers to explore their own experiences. In Ruiz’s Collective Consciousness painting, two children engage in playful dress-up, accompanied by a figure donning a bear costume, evoking a whimsical yet unsettling atmosphere with its dark, surreal undertones.

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