Empapada (El lugar que habito)

Artist Name : Olga AnaskinaCV

Empapada (El lugar que habito)

Oil on canvas

84 x 130 cm | 33.1 x 51.2 in.

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Olga Anaskina’s canvases, whether adorned with sensuous flowers, enchanting landscapes, or bewitching figures, evoke an erotic and emotional charge, resonating with classical elements amidst contemporary essence. With expressive brushwork, Anaskina infuses her art with movement and dynamism, creating a wistful and nostalgic ambiance.

This atmospheric landscape painting “Empapada (El lugar que habito)” presents an abstract depiction of an island on the horizon, with its reflection in the damp sand in the foreground. Introducing a trace of brown hues into this piece, Anaskina enriches the composition with earthy warmth amidst the cool tones, further enhancing the sense of depth and atmosphere within the scene.

This piece is deeply personal and captures a fleeting moment in time with blurred forms and a surreal quality, inviting contemplation of existence’s ever-changing nature.

From everyday images to entirely new worlds, Anaskina’s transformative art introduces viewers to the Other, inviting immersion into her imaginative realms. Whether exuding an eerie uncanniness or striking a familiar chord, her paintings, such as this atmospheric landscape painting, consistently compel observers to pause and ponder the enigmatic narratives she presents.

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