Hombre Azul

Artist Name : Pablo MejiasCV

Hombre Azul


Oil on paper

73 x 45 cm | 28.7 x 17.7 in.

USD 950

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Pablo Mejias’ oeuvre centres on themes of death, eroticism, and metaphysics, often exploring the human condition. Mejias depicts hellscapes, a glimpse into human desire and fears, which invite viewers to confront the ineffable and the complexities of existence.

Mejias predominately works with oil paint on canvas, but he occasionally produces oil on paper artworks, such as this Hombre Azul oil painting (the title meaning ‘blue man’ in English). Mejias’ work resonates with dark and unsettling themes, where the grotesque and the fantastic intertwine. Inspired by personal trauma, particularly the loss of his brother at a young age, Mejias delves into the human psyche, depicting turmoil and existential angst.

This Hombre Azul oil painting features a stark, block grey backdrop, against which a nude male figure emerges in an unsettling palette of blues with striking yellow accents. His exposed ribcage and anatomy evoke a sense of alienation and discomfort, challenging the viewer’s perception of the human form.

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