Artist Name : Pablo MejiasCV



Oil on canvas 

109 x 79 cm | 43 x 31.1 in.  

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Pablo Mejias’ Simbiosis painting is typical of the artist’s oeuvre, which centres on themes of death, eroticism, and metaphysics, often exploring the human condition. Mejias depicts hellscapes, a glimpse into human desire and fears, which invite viewers to confront the ineffable and the complexities of existence.

Mejias’ paintings resonate with dark and unsettling themes, where the grotesque and the fantastic intertwine. Predominantly working with oil paint, Mejias begins with the grisaille technique, he manipulates shades of grey before playing with light and dark contrasts, often using candles for dramatic effect.

Inspired by personal trauma, particularly the loss of his brother at a young age, Mejias delves into the human psyche, depicting turmoil and existential angst. His compositions often feature figures immersed in water, symbolising both drowning and emergence.

This Simbiosis painting portrays two figures morphing into one another, painted with vivid orange and red tones against a bright red background. Mejias symbolises a symbiotic relationship where identities blend and evolve together within the intensity of a shared environment.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 15 × 15 cm

Brown, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow


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