Still life

Artist Name : Aimée JoaristiCV

Still life


Mixed media on canvas

153 x 115 cm | 60.2 x 45.3 in.

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From Aimée Joaristi’s ‘Receptacle’ series.

Note: This work will be included in Joaristi’s upcoming show ‘Cursed Poems’ at the Museo Calderón Guardia, San José, Costa Rica. The show runs from 4 April – 1 May 2024.

Introducing “Still Life,” from Aimée Joaristi’s Receptable painting series, a striking mixed media still life painting featuring a ghostly outline of a jug. Playing with elements of abstraction, Joaristi invites viewers into a contemplative exploration of form and colour. Bold strokes and subtle textures converge to evoke a sense of depth and movement, while the interplay of hues adds a dynamic energy to the composition.

Rendered with precision and finesse, this artwork captures the essence of Joaristi’s distinctive style, characterised by its expressive yet controlled approach. Each brushstroke is a deliberate gesture, contributing to the overall harmony of the piece. The juxtaposition of geometric shapes and organic forms creates a captivating visual dialogue that resonates with viewers on a visceral level.

Joaristi’s work serves as a medium for intuitive self-exploration, blending cultural heritage with personal reflections. Born in Havana, but raised in Spain and Costa Rica, her work is deeply rooted in her Cuban heritage. Her paintings and drawings, such as “Still Life” from the Receptacle painting series, are characterised by forceful expressionism, offering glimpses into her emotional response to suffering, pain, war and human relationships.

As part of the Receptacle series, this abstract mixed media still life painting invites contemplation on the concept of containment and the significance of everyday objects. Through her abstract rendering of the jug, Joaristi creates a Costa Rica still life painting that prompts us to reconsider the ordinary and find beauty in the mundane.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 150 × 15 × 15 cm

Black, Blue, Pink, Brown, Green, Grey, Purple, Red, turquoise, white, Yellow




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