Oil on canvas 

60 x 91 cm | 23.6 x 35.8 in. 

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Renacer, a Costa Rican hyperreal surrealism painting by Gilberto Ramírez.

Gilberto Ramírez Chaves’s Costa Rican hyperreal surrealism painting called Renacer, where reality and illusion converge in a captivating exploration of intimacy, loneliness, and the enigmatic mysteries of existence. As a contemporary hyperrealist, Ramírez Chaves deftly blurs the boundaries between the tangible and the intangible, inviting viewers to contemplate the hidden depths of the human experience.

Influenced by artistic luminaries such as Joaquín Soroya, Rembrandt, and Diego Velásquez, Ramírez Chaves’s compositions pulse with a raw, intimate energy, capturing figures and landscapes with a personal perspective that resonates deeply with the viewer. From tender portrayals of human connection to vibrant depictions of the Costa Rican scenery and its inhabitants, his paintings serve as windows into a world both familiar and surreal.

Adopting a mathematical approach to his craft, Ramírez Chaves meticulously considers proportions and the revered “Golden Ratio,” seeking to reveal the innate perfection found in nature’s patterns. Each brushstroke is a deliberate act of balance and symmetry, creating compositions that are as harmonious as they are evocative.

In his latest body of work, Ramírez Chaves embraces a freer, more abstract aesthetic, infusing his canvases with a vibrant synthesis of colors and shapes that celebrate the essence of natural forms. From lush ferns to ethereal birds in flight, each painting invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world of boundless imagination and timeless beauty.

Costa Rican hyperreal surrealism painting

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Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Purple, white, Yellow