Fraye Dunaway (couch and rug)

Artist Name : Oscar Ruiz-SchmidtCV

Fraye Dunaway (couch and rug)



80 x 200 x 50 cm | 31.5 x 78.7 x 19.7 in.

USD 4,000



Oscar Ruiz Schmidt, the Costa Rican fashion designer and artist behind the label Obra Gris, is a passionate advocate for sustainability and environmental consciousness. With a background in fashion and graphic design, he weaves his vision into the fabric of his designs. 

Beyond fashion, Oscar’s practice extends into home decor, as he incorporates his fashion sensibility into creating sustainable, long-lasting objects. This couch and rug duo are made from distressed denim, blending comfort with raw beauty to celebrate denim’s timeless charm. 

From macrame and wall hangings to sculptures, lighting, and furniture, his designs bring the world of fashion into interior spaces, making a lasting impact on everyday life. Through his extensive exhibitions in Costa Rica and beyond, Ruiz Schmidt exemplifies the power of art and design in advocating for a more sustainable and conscious future. 

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Blue, white


USD 2,000 – 5,000


large, Oversized