Paisaje con Luz

Artist Name : Carlos FernándezCV

Paisaje con Luz


Achiote, beeswax, soil and acrylic on canvas

158 x 200 cm | 62.2 x 78.7 in.

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An achiote, beeswax, soil and acrylic painting by Carlos Fernández. This painting offers a deeply abstract and nuanced work that blends nature with artistic expression. The painting features neutral tones that provide a serene, yet rugged, backdrop to simplified spots of colour.

Paisaje con Luz is an exploration of nature’s raw essence. Nestled in the mountains of Santa Ana, San José, Fernández finds inspiration in the lush landscape around the farm where he lives, as well as the visual language of renowned artists, such as Julie Mehretu and Joseph Beuys.

The farm serves not only as a source of sustenance but also as a wellspring of artistic materials as Fernández integrates natural elements such as soil, beeswax, and turmeric into his acrylic paintings. His work reveals an intimate dialogue between art and the environment, as Fernández layers fragments of soil and beeswax to create intricate textures and patterns.

For Fernández, art is a deeply contextual practice, akin to tending a garden. He observes his environment, embarking on a series of exercises before translating onto canvas, photographs, or even performances.

With a profound belief that “pigment is food,” Fernández sometimes integrates spices like turmeric and achiote directly onto his canvases, infusing his work with vibrant colours drawn from his cultural heritage. Experience the harmonious fusion of art and nature in Fernández’s evocative achiote, beeswax, soil and acrylic painting.

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