Agrofit #2

Artist Name : Carlos FernándezCV

Agrofit #2


Acrylic on canvas

28 x 28 cm | 11 x 11 in

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Agrofit #2 black acrylic painting by Carlos Fernández.

Carlos Fernández’s Black Acrylic Painting called Agrofit #2 where the simplicity of a white farmer figure against a rich black backdrop tells a story of harmony between art and nature. Nestled amidst the mountains of Santa Ana, San José, Fernández finds inspiration in the bountiful surroundings of his idyllic farm. Here, he not only cultivates sustenance but also gathers the raw materials that breathe life into his paintings.

Influenced by acclaimed artists such as Julie Mehretu, Francis Alys, and Joseph Beuys, Fernández’s creative process is a fusion of natural elements and artistic expression. Acrylic paint becomes a medium for his exploration, enriched with soil, beeswax, and turmeric—a testament to the interplay between the human hand and the earth.

Drawing from the abundant clay deposits of the Santa Ana hills, Fernández incorporates this natural resource into his work, blending it with acrylic paint in a distinctive ratio. The resulting spectrum of colors, from delicate whites to earthy reds, mirrors the diverse hues of the landscape.

In Fernández’s philosophy, pigment is akin to nourishment—a notion reflected in his use of spices like turmeric and achiote, directly applied onto the canvas. Each stroke is a reflection of his environment, a meticulous process that begins with observation and culminates in a symphony of texture and color.

“My work is strictly contextual,” Fernández explains. “I start as I would start a garden, analyzing what I see in my environment.” Through his paintings, Fernández invites viewers to embark on a journey of discovery, where art becomes a reflection of the natural world, and creativity blossoms from the soil of the earth.

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Black, Monochrome, white