Artist Name : Carolina GuillermetCV


Acrylic on canvas

40.5 x 51 cm | 15.9 x 20.1 in.

USD 2,500

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Carolina Guillermet’s untitled geometric art.

Carolina Guillermet’s untitled Geometric Art, where vibrant colors dance in harmonious interplay, evoking a mood of contemplation. Guillermet, a multifaceted artist, teacher, and consultant, channels her architectural background into paintings and tapestries that explore the dynamic application of color and form.

Influenced by urban color interventions and the rich tradition of cityscape aesthetics, Guillermet’s work reflects a profound understanding of the role color plays in shaping our surroundings. Drawing inspiration from renowned color theorists like Josef Albers, she rejects the isolation of color, emphasizing its contextual nature.

Guided by the legacy of her grandmother, Lola Fernández, a distinguished abstract artist, Guillermet’s artistry transcends mere representation. Her paintings intricately capture the essence of San José neighborhoods, transforming irregular shapes and hues into volumetric expressions of urban life.

In her tapestries, Guillermet pays homage to the textile artistry of Anni Albers, infusing her creations with Peruvian-inspired patterns and textures. Employing the tufting technique with allergen-free synthetic wool, she crafts textural surfaces that can be displayed on walls or floors, echoing her grandfather’s famed tapestry work.

For Guillermet, color is more than visual aesthetics—it’s a conduit for emotional resonance. Through her vibrant compositions, she invites viewers to experience the profound impact of color as a medium of expression. As she eloquently states, “Color is a feeling I prefer. We feel color; it can be as simple as that.”


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 15 cm

Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, turquoise, Yellow


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