Crotos en Paisaje Achiote

Artist Name : Carlos FernándezCV

Crotos en Paisaje Achiote


Soil, beeswax and acrylic on paper

53 x 53 cm | 20.9 x 20.9 in.

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Orange and yellow abstract painting called Crotos en Paisaje Achiote.

Discover the captivating world of Carlos Fernández’s Orange and Yellow Abstract Painting called Crotos en Paisaje Achiote, a testament to the symbiotic relationship between art and nature. Nestled amidst the mountains of Santa Ana, San José, Fernández finds inspiration in the tranquil surroundings of his farm, where he cultivates not only sustenance but also the raw materials that infuse his artwork with a unique vitality.

Influenced by visionaries such as Julie Mehretu, Francis Alys, and Joseph Beuys, Fernández blurs the boundaries between the organic and the artistic. Integrating elements like soil, beeswax, and turmeric into his acrylic paint, he creates a rich tapestry of textures and hues that evoke the rugged beauty of his environment.

The clay-rich hills surrounding Fernández’s farm provide a wellspring of inspiration, their natural pigments infusing his canvases with a subtle palette of earthy tones. Embracing a ratio of 80% clay to 20% paint, Fernández achieves a harmonious balance between artifice and authenticity.

From the vivid yellows of turmeric to the deep blacks of soil, each pigment is meticulously applied, reflecting Fernández’s belief that “pigment is food.” Grounded in his deep connection to the land, his artistic process is a reflection of his environment, evolving organically from observation to creation.

Explore the immersive world of Carlos Fernández’s Orange and Yellow Abstract Painting, where every brushstroke is a testament to the inherent beauty of the natural world.
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Dimensions 100 × 15 × 15 cm

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Black, Brown, Grey, Orange, Red, white, Yellow