Tormenta de Enigmas (Conundrum Storm)

Artist Name : Emilia CantorCV

Tormenta de Enigmas (Conundrum Storm)


Oil on wood panel

93 x 112 cm | 36.6 x 44.1 in. (framed)

USD 6,000

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Tormenta de Enigmas (Conundrum Storm), a pregnant mermaid painting.

Emilia Cantor’s pregnant mermaid painting called Tormenta de Enigmans (Conundrum Storm), where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur in a mesmerizing tableau of emotion and symbolism. Cantor’s surrealist vision challenges conventional notions of reality, inviting viewers to explore alternative worlds through her emotionally charged canvases.

In this haunting composition, a pregnant mermaid sits atop a dark rock, gazing out into the abyss with a mixture of emptiness and hopefulness. Against a backdrop of almost black ocean and grey sky, Cantor’s use of magenta, purples, and pinks creates a striking contrast that imbues the scene with an otherworldly aura.

The enigmatic forms that populate Cantor’s paintings—whether humanoid creatures, fantastic animals, or abstract shapes—serve as portals into a realm of imagination and intrigue. Each canvas is a narrative unto itself, inviting viewers to unravel its mysteries and contemplate the hidden stories and emotions beneath the surface.

Inspired by a diverse array of artists including Odd Nerdrum, Hieronymus Bosch, and Francisco Goya, Cantor’s work is steeped in artistic lineage. Her formal training at the Florence Academy of Art honed her traditional skills, which she now blends with a modernist, digital sensibility to create compositions that are both timeless and contemporary.

With this pregnant mermaid painting, Emilia Cantor invites viewers on a journey of discovery, where reality and fantasy converge in a mesmerizing exploration of the human psyche and the mysteries of existence.

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Dimensions 200 × 15 × 15 cm

Black, Pink, Grey, white


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