Oil on canvas

132 x 106 cm | 52 x 41.7 in.

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Montaña by Emmanuel Rodriguez-Chaves a surreal Montana mountain woman portrait.

Rodriguez-Chaves’ surreal Montana mountain woman portrait called Montaña, a captivating blend of collage and oil painting that challenges conventional notions of perception and reality. At the heart of Rodriguez-Chaves’ artistic inquiry lies a profound exploration of contemporary art’s role in shaping socio-political imaginaries and constructing collective memory.

Drawing upon a diverse array of images, Rodriguez-Chaves creates compositions that resemble collages, blending disparate elements to evoke a sense of nostalgia and provoke questions about the boundaries between fact and fiction. Through the manipulation of databases, printed photographs, and digital resources, he distorts and enhances these images, imbuing them with new meaning and agency.

Central to Rodriguez-Chaves’ practice is an interrogation of the reliability of images and the ideological forces that shape them. By challenging our trust in the veracity of visual representations, he prompts viewers to consider the complex interplay between image, ideology, and perception.

In this surreal Montana mountain woman portrait, Rodriguez-Chaves invites viewers to contemplate the constructed nature of reality and the ways in which images shape our understanding of the world. Through his innovative approach to image-making, he opens up new avenues for exploration and reflection, inviting us to question the narratives that surround us and challenge our preconceived notions of truth.

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Black, Blue, white


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