Hallucination or the Labyrinth of the Simulated

Hallucination or the Labyrinth of the Simulated


Oil on canvas

108.9 x 108.5 cm | 42.9 x 42.7 in.

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Hallucination or the Labyrinth of the Simulated, a surreal abstract collage oil painting by Emmanuel Rodriguez-Chaves

Rodriguez-Chaves’ surreal abstract collage oil painting called Hallucination or the Labyrinth of the Simulated, where the manipulation of images intersects with socio-political imaginaries to challenge our perceptions of reality and history. At the heart of Rodriguez-Chaves’ artistic inquiry lies an exploration of how contemporary art navigates the intricate web of relationships between images and the construction of memory and knowledge.

Embodying a unique approach to image-making, Rodriguez-Chaves constructs new narratives by blending disparate images from different times and places, blurring the boundaries between fact and fiction. Resembling collages, his paintings evoke a sense of nostalgia while prompting viewers to question the reliability of the images they encounter.

Through the manipulation of databases, printed photos, and digital resources, Rodriguez-Chaves distorts and enhances these images, effectively altering their meaning and agency. His work challenges our preconceived notions of truth and asks us to consider the ideological underpinnings of the images we consume.

With this surreal abstract collage oil painting, Rodriguez-Chaves invites viewers to engage in a critical dialogue about the nature of representation and the power dynamics inherent in image-making. Through his art, he encourages us to question the veracity of the images that surround us and to explore the multifaceted layers of meaning embedded within them.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 150 × 15 × 15 cm

Black, Blue, Purple, white, Yellow




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