Portrait of a girl (Valentina)

Portrait of a girl (Valentina)


Oil on canvas

40 x 32 cm | 15.7 x 12.5 in.

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Oil painting of a Costa Rican girl called Valentina by Emmanuel Rodrigues-Chaves

Rodriguez-Chaves’ oil painting of a Costa Rican girl called Valentina, where art becomes a lens through which to explore the complexities of contemporary society. At the heart of Rodriguez-Chaves’ practice lies an interrogation of how images shape our understanding of reality and history, and the socio-political implications thereof.

His paintings, resembling collages, weave together images from disparate times and places, blurring the boundaries between fact and fiction and evoking a powerful sense of nostalgia. Through the manipulation of databases, printed photos, and digital resources, Rodriguez-Chaves challenges the viewer’s perception of truth and reliability, prompting us to question the very nature of images and their role in shaping collective memory.

With each brushstroke, Rodriguez-Chaves constructs new narratives that challenge conventional notions of reality, inviting us to reconsider the values, systems, and symbols that underpin our social fabric. His work serves as a poignant reminder of the ways in which images can be wielded as tools for constructing knowledge and memory, and the inherent complexities therein.

In this oil painting of a Costa Rican girl, Rodriguez-Chaves invites viewers to engage in a dialogue about the power of images to shape our understanding of the world, prompting us to reflect on the socio-political forces at play behind the seemingly innocuous act of image-making.

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