In Sunsets We Circle

Artist Name : Emilia CantorCV

In Sunsets We Circle

Oil on canvas
76 x 60 cm | 29.9 x 23.6 in.

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In Sunsets We Circle, a witch riding a horse painting by Emilia Cantor.

Emilia Cantor’s witch riding a horse painting called In Sunsets We Circle, where vibrant hues of purple and pink converge with stark black to create a mesmerizing tableau that both enchants and unsettles. Through her surrealist canvases, Cantor challenges conventional notions of reality, inviting viewers to explore alternative worlds filled with mystery and intrigue.

Her compositions are characterized by emotionally charged color contrasts, with magentas, purples, and pinks juxtaposed against deep blacks to create a visual tension that resonates with otherworldly energy. Within these vivid landscapes, enigmatic forms—ranging from humanoid creatures to fantastical animals—beckon the viewer to embark on a journey of imagination and discovery.

Cantor’s paintings are rich with narrative depth, yet shrouded in ambiguity, leaving viewers captivated by the hidden stories and emotions lurking beneath the surface. Drawing inspiration from artistic luminaries such as Odd Nerdrum, Hieronymus Bosch, and Francisco Goya, Cantor infuses her work with a sense of artistic lineage and tradition.

Trained at the prestigious Florence Academy of Art, Cantor brings a blend of traditional skills and modernist sensibility to her artistry, resulting in compositions that are at once timeless and contemporary. With this witch riding a horse painting, Cantor invites viewers to transcend the bounds of reality and immerse themselves in a world where imagination reigns supreme.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 15 × 15 cm

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Black, Pink, Brown, Grey, Purple, Red