Whitetip Reef Shark. Costa Rica

Artist Name : Edwar HerrenoCV

Whitetip Reef Shark. Costa Rica

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Edwar Herreno photography is known for portraying colourful and intimate underwater scenes.

This photograph of a white-tipped reef shark lurking in the shallows creates an intriguing sense of tension and vivid contrast. The shark hides beneath a rock, its intent gaze adding an impending sense of terror to the image. Above it, a school of colourful fish swims in layered streams, offering a stunning display of red, blue, and yellow hues.

Herreno’s composition captures the fish swimming together, highlighting their striking colours and creating a dynamic contrast with the shark’s subdued, shadowed presence. The juxtaposition between the vibrant fish and the lurking shark adds depth to the scene, drawing the viewer’s eye to the ominous expression of the predator.

Edwar Herreno photography conveys the delicate balance of marine life, blending beauty and danger in a single frame. Herreno’s skillful use of lighting and focus elevates the visual impact, emphasising both the striking colours and the unsettling atmosphere.

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