No Escape

Artist Name : Edwar HerrenoCV

No Escape

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Marine predator photography, depicting a feeding attack on a ball of fish (Baitball). Cocos Island – Costa Rica.

This image captures a dynamic scene teeming with marine predators in Cocos Island. Dolphins strategically blow bubbles to corral bait fish while yellowfin tuna and sharks lurk below. Brown boobies join the frenzy, diving in alongside black-finned, silky, and Galapagos sharks. The cacophony of feeding predators fills the water with sound. As the chaos unfolds, the hunters coordinate their efforts, maximizing their chances of a successful feed. Humpback whales, looming large, can bring a swift end to the action with a single bite. Despite the allure, caution is warranted; the intense feeding frenzy poses risks to divers, with the potential for bites and collisions in the wild melee. Marine predator photography is not for the faint-hearted!

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Black, Blue, turquoise, white


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