School of Hammerhead Sharks. Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Artist Name : Edwar HerrenoCV

School of Hammerhead Sharks. Cocos Island, Costa Rica

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Photographs of hammerhead sharks Cocos Island rarely show them approaching from the front, as they are easily frightened and tend to swim away upon encountering divers. To capture this image, Edwar Herreno had to hide at the bottom and hold his breath to avoid making bubbles, allowing the sharks to pass above him like a flowing river. Holding his breath for several minutes required calmness, especially as the current pushed him around.

Herreno’s free diving experience in Colombia enabled him to hold his breath for long periods, crucial for capturing such a photo. As soon as he exhaled, the sharks vanished. This wasn’t a matter of being in the right place at the right time; instead, he had to be in the perfect spot with the right equipment, fighting the current and trying not to frighten the sharks. Holding the bottom with one hand, he used the other to take the photograph, making the experience both challenging and physically demanding.

Most hammerhead sharks Cocos Island photos show them from different angles, so capturing this photograph with the sharks head-on was a unique and remarkable achievement.

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