Edwar Herreno

Colombia, b.1976

Lives and works in Marseille, France

Edwar Herreno, a prominent wildlife photographer and marine biologist, has been fascinated with the ocean since his early years, which led him to embark on a journey of exploration and conservation. In 2002, he pursued a career as a marine biologist, laying the foundation for his lifelong passion for the sea. Aside from being a photographer, Herreno is also a videographer, recreational scuba instructor, technical diving instructor, and yacht captain. Having lived in numerous countries, he has amassed a wealth of experiences along the way and is deeply committed to marine conservation, actively collaborating with multiple organisations.

Costa Rica holds a special place in Herreno’s heart, where he has dedicated extensive time documenting Malpelo, the Papagayo Gulf, Catalina Island and – his favourite place on earth – Cocos Island. His Costa Rican underwater photography showcases an array of marine life, from sharks and rays to whales, dolphins, fish, and breathtaking bait balls.

Herreno’s photographs have earned him recognition as a finalist in 2021 and 2017 in the prestigious “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” competition held annually at the Natural History Museum in London, as well as being named “Underwater Photographer of the Year” for the United Nations in 2019 and “Underwater Photographer of the Year” in England, in 2017. Herreno’s contributions to underwater film productions with CNN, BBC, National Geographic, French TC, Marine Investigators, and Japanese TV have further solidified his reputation as a leading figure in marine photography.

With thousands of hours spent beneath the waves, Herreno invites us to explore and appreciate the underwater world of Costa Rica through his images, promoting a deeper connection to the ocean and its preservation.

Photograph of Edwar Herreno, sitting in a boat withhis dive gear in front of the ocean backdrop that features a little island. Promoting artist gallery MIRAME Fine Art.

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